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the Heir to a famous dynasty of doctors, he was in charge of the “Kremlevka”, around it are a lot of rumors and legends. But one thing is for sure: Alexander Leonidovich Myasnikov — amazing expert in their field with vast experience. The book “How to live longer 50 years” became a bestseller, because in it he openly criticized the pharmaceutical mafia and opened people’s eyes to many things. Also, Alexander Myasnikov has their own opinion about diet, drugs for weight loss and weight loss. You present edition of “So easy! “. And also we will tell, what diet are advised to give preference to this wonderful doctor. Many people suffer not only from obesity but also from obesity. To verify this, just look around. In the pursuit of desired forms, they exhausted themselves with all sorts of diets, and even worse — use drugs for weight loss that speed up metabolism. “These drugs have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. Because of this and accelerates metabolism. But there is a number of side effects: increasing burden on the heart, increased blood pressure, starts insomnia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, and more.

no Wonder many of these drugs on the West withdrew from the market”. Doctor butcher assures that you to accelerate metabolism we can easily themselves. Formula diet is very simple: just eat less calories than you spend: “From dietary activities, set realistic goals. It is not necessary to aim just to lose 20 lbs. To start, try to lose 5-10% of weight. Get 15 % — it’s all a great result! I only get angry when I hear about some “Kremlin” diet. It’s just exploitation of a fashionable name.” The best solution for weight loss, according to Myasnikov, is a fractional power. It eliminates feelings of hunger, allows you to control your appetite, not overeat and not gain extra pounds. According to doctors, the nutrients are digested at different times of the day. So remember. Fats that enter the body from 6 to 9 a.m., will be burned by the body completely, but those that will come in the evening will turn into fat. So the best thing to eat for Breakfast, cheese, cottage cheese and butter. In the middle of the day the body metabolizes protein — fish, meat.

With 16 hours of blood rush of the hormone insulin, which reduces sugar levels. That’s the time you can afford sweets. For dinner you can eat white meat. Only ever get round sausages — it is a pure carcinogen that contributes to the development of cancer of the prostate and breast. The result is that the most effective diet is quite simple and not very restricted diet. Here’s what Alexander has advised butchers to bring the figure in order, but it does not harm the health. 1. 500 g of vegetables daily, especially green. And don’t forget about the garlic. 2. To 500 g of fruit per day. It is advisable to focus on apples and berries. 4. Products from whole grains. 5. All fish, including oily varieties. 6. Low-fat dairy products. 7. Chicken or Turkey. 10. You can also let a bit of dark chocolate daily and a glass of dry red wine. Sure, Alexander Myasnikov, you can trust in matters of health. And don’t forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks.

My advice — search the web for pictures of beautiful, skinny, happy people who regularly review them to understand what you are aiming for what awaits you as a reward for patience and self-discipline. Just do not pick up pictures of unreal people or people quite far removed from you physique. I mean, if you are naturally big build (not talking about the extra weight), and we should not try to lose weight to the size of the girls said reluctantly. And, you can hang on the refrigerator door a photograph useful products, berries and fruits – to get used to the new way of eating and inspiration. One of the women said that loves fashion and that’s her main motivation — to be always in shape to be able to wear what you like. When recovering, buys a dress size or two smaller, but very beautiful, and “customize” the dress. The habit of “cococnut”. When you read in different articles tips that you need to eat smaller portions, but more often, it does not mean that one should always have sandwiches, chocolates, cakes, paketleri, sausage, etc.

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