Buckwheat Diet For 7 And 14 Days

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Not every woman is willing to devote practically all his spare time exercising or counting calories. Especially if to lose weight need in the shortest possible time, and to understand the intricacies of complex systems and weight loss programs there is no possibility or desire. To achieve the desired result with a minimum expenditure of funds and time allows the buckwheat diet, enjoying a high popularity among dieters. 1 What is the diet with buckwheat groats? 2.2 What should be excluded from the diet? 2.4 What can you drink? 2.5 Can salt buckwheat? 2.7 How many can you eat buckwheat? What is the diet with buckwheat groats? It is kind of mono, that is the nutrition that involves the use of one product. Follow a diet is much easier than the programs where the menu is versatile. The main advantage of buckwheat is that it not only has minimum calories, but rich in nutrients and valuable for the human body substances. In buckwheat contains magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, vitamins from group B. It contains a large amount of vegetable protein.

a Balanced composition allows you to have during a diet exclusively buckwheat. The simplicity of the observance of such a diet is not for everyone, because meat eaters can experience severe discomfort. Adhere to a buckwheat diet it is possible not all. Gastrointestinal tract, hypotension, and hypertension. Do not keep the mono-diet and those who train hard or are engaged in work that involves higher physical exertion. In addition, it is necessary not just to eat buckwheat, but also know how to cook this cereal in the framework of low-calorie food. What should be excluded from the diet? The “mono” is sparse limited menu. Some variations allow the use of certain products, but such food is not variety of choices. A complete ban for the sweet, salty and starchy food. Many it plunges into shock and causes a false feeling that you have to starve yourself. Such a view is unfair to diet. Krupa perfectly nourishes, and the introduction of acceptable products allows to diversify the diet. List the food you cannot eat for a long time. Easier to designate what is allowed to incorporate the mono-diet.

the monotony of the diet, of course, could be annoying. Remember that any diet severely limits the number of substances involved in vital processes in the body. In order not to provoke vitamin deficiency, it is recommended to take multivitamin complexes. This minimizes any possible damage to health, because it is impossible to accurately predict how it will affect mono-diet on the individual, because the peculiarities of each individual. This question interests everyone who decided to adhere to the diet. If not keep the strict option, drinking is allowed as green and herbal tea and coffee. However, these drinks are recommended to drink one Cup a day, that is, choosing each time between coffee or tea. You may not use the sweeteners. No honey and sugar. In addition, it should be remembered diuretic properties of fluids. Is it possible to add salt buckwheat? Sauces, condiments, sugar, sweeteners (artificial and natural), salt is prohibited to use. These flavor enhancers increase the nutritional value of cereals, lead to the fact that satiety is much faster. Eating fresh food, on the contrary, inhibits the feeling of hunger and reduce the amount of food eaten.

it is Permissible to include in the diet menu, but only for some options. Classic variations of vegetables you can eat only when out of the diet. Every day there are some fruits and vegetables is possible only in the light scheme. To use all of them. Valid are broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, cauliflower. Cabbage is not recommended to use. It negatively affects digestion, causing bloating and also increases the hunger. Do not eat starchy vegetables, which include corn, potatoes, carrots, beets, and so on. How much can you eat buckwheat? Consumption of buckwheat is wholly dependent on what version of the diet decided to stick with it. Strict scheme, involving the use of only grits and water, no limits. When the diet is allowed to introduce other products, the amount of additional ingredients. Lightweight option involves the use of cereals in the range between 150 and 250 g per day. This amount is not applied to the ready, and dry buckwheat. It is enough to satisfy hunger. This volume is recommended to be divided into four doses.

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