Conspiracy To Lose Weight To Fight Obesity

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During the execution ceremony must retire to a separate room in which to ensure the greatest possible silence. No one and nothing should distract you from fulfilling the rite. Recommended run-time ritual to remove from the premises Pets and turn off all communications equipment. Conspiracy to lose weight, you need to read on an empty stomach, it is necessary at least for half a day before you start the ritual nothing is there. The text of the conspiracy generally recited softly, but very clearly it is important to pronounce every word and understand every word phrase. Better to learn the plot by heart, but is allowed to read it with a sheet. This will help to avoid mistakes and not to stumble, if necessary, many times reading the plot. Of course, to the conspiracy of weight loss to be effective, you have to believe in the power of magic and that you will be able on their own to balance your weight. Very important to get a positive result to keep the plans for a magical ritual aimed at weight loss, secret from other people. Additionally, the plots for weight loss combine well with all other traditional methods aimed at getting rid of excess pounds. There are a huge number of different plots of weight loss.

They differ in the method of conducting them can be used a variety of additional attributes that increase their directed influence. Therefore, choose the rite in accordance with the specific situation is absolutely not difficult. Conspiracies for weight loss useful for all categories of people, some purpose not intended. Very popular is the simple but strong conspiracy to lose weight through water. For its implementation, in the evening, dial in a bath of warm water. Undress and stand or sit in this water. Scooping water with your hand or washcloth, wipe it yourself by repeating this mantra: “Bright water that I wipe. All the extra I take. Fresh water flows through the body, the fullness of my picks. Fat will bring me, still does not leave.” Repeating this conspiracy, carefully clean every part of your body, carefully walking through the “problem areas”. Do not use soap, shower gel and other chemicals. Only you and the water. After washing, immediately go to bed. To get rid of all the excess at one time, you certainly will fail, but regularly repeating the ritual, you can lose a lot of pounds. Another simple and rather pleasant way of getting rid of excess weight — conspiracy to slimming in the bath.

here’s how: on Sunday morning go to the bath, and preferably, before you to this day it still has not been visited. Upon entering the steam room say: “Fat fat girl in bath will come, slender birches of the bath will go. Will steam keep me warm, be fat of me to drive.” While in the steam room, ten times and repeat: “my Body heats up, the fat is expelled out of me”. Coming out of the bath, turn around and say, “Thank you benuska a relief, thanks benuska for deliverance”. This plot can be used both one time and regularly — every Sunday. Each time the effect will be stronger. Often the extra weight connected with the fact that man is a slave to his stomach. So in this case you should use the plots to reduce appetite. Very powerful rite is the turning away from food. It reduces the human attraction to a variety of delicious dishes from which he can’t refuse yourself. This rite involves the charmed products, so in advance to buy food, which, in your opinion, the most harmful to your body.

For example, it can be candy, confectionery or bakery products. The ceremony begins in the evening. On a dish near his bed you need to lay out favorite foods, next to the Church to light a candle and read all famous prayer “our father” three times. It is very important to stay and nothing to eat in this moment. Then you should wait until the candle burn down and go to sleep, and should try to, as quickly as possible to sleep. The next morning should be put next to the dishes three Church candles and light them. After that you need to re-read three times the prayer “our father”. Then tell three times these magic words: “I, the Servant of God (proper name), talk to your favorite and delicious food. Let the food will not go to me a stone in the stomach, and will for me in small quantities. Not fat she the marks on my body will leave and she will breathe in me the spiritual strength and blissful like nectar is food for my soul. All received me food is not weight in the stomach will turn, and the pleasure it would give me, and my body fill.

From that moment I have enough willpower from the extra food to give and their desire to moderate. I don’t need food or my body will turn away and better times will pray to God. Now and forever, not only at home but also away. As I said, so be it. After this ceremony you will notice very quickly that the overeating habit disappeared by itself, and you can safely be discarded, for example, does not need biscuits or candy. Very effective is the ritual that is performed at home in the bathroom. The meeting is necessary to gain a full bath of water a comfortable temperature and leave it in his pectoral cross. In addition you need to add water to a glass of cow’s milk, a glass of Holy water and rose petals from flowers of three different types. In addition, the water should be lowered a thin string or thread, a length of about 15 cm and Then we need to go to the bathroom and take water treatments as long as they deliver pleasure. Before leaving the bath to pronounce these magic words: “Hear me, Servant of God (proper name), warm water, water, natural my sister. Do not boil the water and mutes and faster to help me primis.

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