Conspiracy To Lose Weight. Weight Loss With The Help Of Magic. How To Lose Weight Without Making Extra Efforts?

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the Problems associated with excess weight are of concern to many. But some don’t have the willpower to sit on a hard diet or no time for tedious workouts in the fitness centers, and taking expensive drugs for weight loss sometimes dangerous to health. To improve digestion, reduce the appetite and increase the attractiveness of the plots used for weight loss. Remove fat by using special rituals, thus the effect will be more, if you observe a light diet. For this plot you need to go to the sauna. It is advisable to carry out a ritual during a waning moon. To speak of a conspiracy need a quiet calm voice, following the rhythm. When reading the conspiracy imagine what result you will get. A great healer and prophetess Vanga knew that obesity is a big problem. Conspiracies Vanga is aimed at decrease in appetite, health and improve digestion. Especially powerful are the conspiracies spoken at midnight on the waning moon. A very important belief. When pronouncing the text of the conspiracy imagine what result you want to achieve your slim body, your feelings in a new way, admiring glances of friends.

want to stick with your new body, believe that such a body You will have as a result of applying “conspiracy strong losing weight.” Wang advised the use of prayer and those plots that do not contain negative words and images, such as “perish” or words with the root “hood”. Effective is the rite conducted on the growing moon and based on the Christian faith. When the moon is waning, going to bed, read the prayer “our father” and so do every night till the full moon. On the last day before the full moon, read the prayer 3 times. Iron problem areas need clockwise. Very effective is the conspiracy for weight loss, read that need water for washing. On the waning moon, prepare a basin with running water and, having read over it a special plot, thoroughly wash and go to bed. Deciding to lose weight through the mysterious power of the moon, wait until waning moon. The evening dial a full glass of water and go outside, on the balcony or just walk up to the open window. Take a glass with two hands and hold at the level of the solar plexus. Look at the moon, feel the power that flows from it.

If the moon is covered by clouds, you can look at a glass of water in his hands. To achieve the result to pronounce the conspiracy need 9 times and repeat the procedure 9 evening. For the next rite you will need a candle, be sure red. The initiation ritual is the first day on the waning moon. Very effective is the conspiracy, read the water to reduce appetite. After that you should in small SIPS to drink all the water. To carry out a ritual before each meal. Pleasant and interesting to be applied in a bath of conspiracy for weight loss. To read, it must be prepared in a certain way the water. Dial hot water and put it in his pectoral cross. After the water is the right temperature, remove the cross, pour out the water on the glass of Holy water and cow’s milk, add petals plucked three roses, and a thread length of 20 cm Down into the water, sit back and relax. After reading the plot you can stand and wipe with a towel. One of the most powerful and effective rituals are the rituals of voodoo. In this ancient cult devoted much attention to the human body and health.

When used correctly with a special ritual can effectively get rid of the excess weight. But it is worth remembering that one wrong and careless move can lead to dire consequences. For this ritual you need to knead the salt dough (water, salt, flour) and add your hair, tears or sweat. With this test, shape plump figure. Pinch off need then left, then right hand, constantly changing them. Modeling the figure, collect all the torn pieces and put them in a pre-prepared piece of fabric. This parcel burn it in the fire. Doll hide away so no one found and not tell anyone about the plot to lose weight. Consequences if the doll can be unpredictable. Especially attractive is the fact that it is possible conspiracies for weight loss read free. If skeptical of this method of weight loss, it is possible to not even try to use it. Conspiracies are only those people who truly believe in magic. You must strictly adhere to the ritual because of incorrect or unfinished actions possible unpredictable consequences. About conspiracies you can’t tell anyone, otherwise it will not work.

take particular care when using strong conspiracy to lose weight with the use of wax dolls. Do doll need hard test and thoroughly dried, otherwise the dough may leak and then “flow” figure. Before the ritual is to tune into the right rhythm and only in the appropriate mood to give a plot on the weight loss. Reviews varied, but in most cases, when properly carried out the ritual you can lose 3 kg per week. If the ritual is conducted, and the result is no, take the time to re-read the plot. Wait a month or two, maybe the conspiracy has not yet come into its full power. To determine what conspiracy is needed for weight loss right for You, analyze, what is overweight. If You eat a lot, then fit a plot that is readable on a glass of water. This ritual should be carried out before each meal. Improper metabolism try to use the conspiracy on the moon. If you have problems with a figure you can use a strong plot with a doll. Each time when reading the conspiracy think of your new figure and believe in the result!

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