Fats, Health And Weight Loss: Why I Stripped For The First Channel

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I Want to return to the discussion of the TV show, she seemed confused and illogical.I have long been interested in a program dedicated to the quality of the products, nutrition, weight loss, etc. I often notice in them a lack of logic and evidence, and often direct “stretching”, and that falsification is the argument. Of course, journalists are people, with all the peculiar misconceptions and prejudices, but multiply the latter by the colorful visuals and the audience… Most of the gear could go under the heading of “I Otsukaresama, and there, though not dawned! ”And in our case – important research and obvious facts clouded with smoke and burnt chops and a fog of contradictory reasoning that is fully on the conscience of the authors and editors. Two light beam, broke through the smokescreen – beauty Diana with rustic food and Sam Klebanov, who did not think to invite co-author, screenwriter, Director and editor-in-chief of the transfer. I respected Sam, a big fan of Yours, supporter and follower! External charisma plus mathematical education plus the desire to messianism – there will not stand! Information Your website is invaluable, it is a pity that not everyone understands this. To 45 years – a lot of excess weight ( binge saharat).

And to 50 – type 2 diabetes, the miracle was not in intensive care, thanks to compulsory medical examination. Struck by the advice of doctors – oatmeal, muesli, milk, bread with bran , after I was sick, and levels of blood sugar going sky high. Began to understand myself and, fortunately, found out about the book Dr. Bernstein’s diabetes got on this website. The power supply system, which I follow with pleasure, promoted the same, but what to do, Bernstein an American and afraid of fats! And now I’m not. Results – minus 10 kg, and 10 cm in the waist and hips. But, more importantly, diabetes compensated, and well-being and , I hope, the appearance of 25-year-old! Did not accelerate further weight loss, I have only on legs, but everything is harmonious and gracefully. Quality products added country house: made poultry that is fed from the surrounding meadows and orchards, on the local market – delicious 30 – 50% sour cream, whole cheese and curd, pork and lamb. I wish all the authors and users of this site rising health and stroinaya figures!

do Not rush through this process slowly and carefully, You actually get a guarantee as to return to the previous state is not necessary. Sport will do the same. Most likely, a long intense workout by all the rules of modern fitness You will be exhausting, so start with something more simple. Remember, what type of physical activity You enjoyed before. In the first phase will come and walk and wrap and Biking, and dancing at home in front of the mirror. It is important to develop the habit of regular exercise. After you become more active, add exercises for target weight loss – bodyflex, callanetic, and a little strength training with your own weight to sculpt a beautiful figure. Your ideal would be one hour of physical activity a day, strive for it step by step and no problems. Don’t force yourself to do unloved types of fitness, sports world is diverse and You can always find exercises to their liking, provided if you’re looking for. Today, many women join online clubs, arrange a variety of race on weight loss, which are designed to motivate the participants on the result. However, the motivation for weight loss – a delicate thing, and dropped the incredible efforts pounds amid ten pounds colleagues in the “race” may actually hinder you from losing weight and Lifestyle.

So remember that Your goal is not to lose “so many” pounds, and to begin to systematically exercise, stop overeating, emotional eating, and eat whatever came under his hand. The amount of weight loss as a goal motivates bad. Unfortunately or fortunately, no person or machine is not able to predict exactly how many pounds You will lose, are taking certain measures so stop chasing numbers and compete with them in the implementation of the rules of a healthy and slender life. Try to make each day a little more healthy than the previous one, and slimming clubs choose not by how many pounds you want to lose participants of the club, and how they are going to your goal. You can often see advice – “tell me about your weight loss all others, then you will be in front of people embarrassed to break the rules”. However, in life not all people want us to be slim and beautiful. Agree, why worry about Your weight, for example, the grandmother who believes that a woman should be full, only then one healthy.

Or a work colleague, which, by the way, in secret like the same man as You. The reality is that this is just to declare war on the kilos, and You’ll find a few “seducer-breadwinners.” So you shouldn’t cry about Your weight loss program at every intersection. You can bring to the “tea” at work dried fruits and sweet breads, simply because they are delicious. To say no to dessert just because we were full. To take grandmother’s pies with them, just because I want them to eat at home and entertain friends. In any case don’t refuse to communicate with people because of the diet. Just plan your diet in advance, You’re not a child, and can “calculate” what kind of meals You should eat in the restaurant, the questions of “why” the answer is “I want to, but I don’t want to lose weight”. Generally try to avoid the after-dinner talk about Your diet and losing weight. Do not give up your holidays, imagine that You are here to communicate, not to try all.

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