How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week?

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to answer this question, turn on the logic. In order to understand how to lose weight in one week 10 pounds, let’s divide by 7 days. We will need to lose weight a day almost 1.5 kilograms. And, first and foremost, these 1.5 kilograms should include fat. As if to lose from the body muscle and water, this would soon lead to dire consequences. Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a week? So you want to lose weight in one week for 10 kg and have to disappear fat, and not muscle. Let us continue our calculations. To burn 1 kg of fat we need to spend 9000 calories (chlorinator). We need to burn 1.5 kg of fat per day, therefore, is 13,500 calories a day. 21 hours (it takes up to 500 calories per hour). So, to make a very important conclusion. To lose weight at the expense of fat mass by as much as 10 pounds in a week will not work! The same diet that offer simple and rapid weight loss, unfortunately, will only get you to lose along with this, fresh complexion, good mood, strength, energy, chest, good health, skin tone and so on. And often, it’s just a “divorce” in the money, you will lose a lot of money and nerves, and this is the best.

In some cases, you can quickly lose ten pounds? If you have a large number of overweight and you really want how to lose weight faster, upon the advice of with a specialist try the following diet. With this diet turns out to lose weight in one week 10 pounds, only on the condition that you use it for the first time, you have a very strong overestimation of BMI and a large swelling. If you do not have a strong excess, you will be able to lose 1-4 pounds. It is recommended to repeat the diet more than once every six months. Significant advantages of this diet is its availability and cheapness. On the first day drink during the day for 6 time one bottle of mineral water. On the second day drink during the day only 0.8 liters of low-calorie skim milk. Eat one Apple, and then at nine in the evening. On the third day you drink throughout the day for 6 time one bottle of mineral water. On the fourth day, eat only vegetables. Are allowed to eat a quart bowl of salad, you will need to divide it into three parts.

you Can also drink 2 glasses of tea or water. The composition of the vegetable salad should include: carrots, fresh cabbage, greens, a tablespoon of vegetable oil. On the fifth day drink 0.8 liters of skim milk throughout the day. On the sixth day eat at Breakfast one boiled egg with half a Cup of tea. At 11 in the morning drink a Cup of broth with carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables. For lunch eat 100 grams. 100 gr. lean meat. Afternoon snack – an Apple. For dinner – also Apple. On the seventh day, drink the 2 cups of yogurt or milk, 100 gr. At night you can drink a Cup of tea. This method of weight loss is quite hard, it is not everyone is perfect and has a number of contraindications. So sit on it without consulting a doctor is not recommended. During its application, you can feel the malaise, in this case you should immediately stop the diet and go to the doctor, telling him all the details. So you don’t have question, how to lose weight in one week 10 pounds, take care of your appearance in advance. Sit down, open your calendar, find all important dates in which you would like to look amazing (calorizator). Don’t forget about the New year, March 8, the beginning of summer and so on. Circle these dates, and start them training at least 3 months. So how exactly during this time, you can actually lose weight by 10 kg without loss and hunger strikes.

many people due to malnutrition the immune system is weakened and they can’t gain weight. Why stress lose weight? Stress and weight loss phenomenon, related to each other. At first it may seem that it’s a good thing to get rid of unwanted pounds in such a short period. Many women torture themselves with diets, and to achieve the desired result and can’t. And stress lose weight very rapidly. However, weight loss from stress can not be taken as the norm. The body has lost large amounts of weight in the shortest time possible will attempt to recover the lack of adipose tissue. Weight loss if stress occurs due to large energy losses. Prolonged exposure to stress on the body the metabolism. This condition is accepted by the body as painful and appetite is reduced. All the forces of the body sent to fight the depression. If you have health problems, the effects of stress can and does lead to loss of appetite. In some cases, people completely refuse to eat, and when you try to eat nausea and vomiting. During stress the person is not able to fully relax. Thoughts on the reasons that led to the adverse condition, do not give rest, the person can’t concentrate.

there is a spasm of the muscles, including the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. In the end the need of eating disappears, and the appetite disappears. When a person has an unstable nervous system, it is more susceptible to the occurrence of eating disorders. As a result of strong emotions people lose weight and can’t recover. Close relatives of a person had such problems. A weak immune system, soreness. Under the influence of stress weakened the body loses the appetite. Slim physique. People prone to hereditary thinness high metabolism. Even with proper nutrition it is difficult for them to gain weight, and lose weight from stress very easily. Appetite is a natural reaction of the body, through which it provides necessary nutrients. His loss is a major cause of reduction of body weight. In case of long lack of appetite should seek help from a doctor. As a result of prolonged fasting, the body begins to use the accumulation of nutrients and depleted. Sleep disorders. People suffer from insomnia continuously for a long time can not fall asleep, sleep superficial. Disorders in the brain. Problems with the cardiovascular system. Problems with the functions of the skeletal muscular system.

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