How To Lose Weight Fast

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Friends, the topic of weight loss almost endless. And in recent years the question “how to lose weight fast” is increasingly heard in different corners of our vast country. Overweight is problem of almost half of Russia’s population. Someone comfortable to live with extra pounds, and someone they strongly interfere. Because the excess adipose tissue is not only beautiful, but also leads to health problems (painful joints, vessels, heart, shortness of breath, hormonal changes, diabetes, etc.). So how to lose weight fast? In this article I will answer this question. What is dangerous diet — read all! What is dangerous diet — read all! All people with excess weight want to lose weight quickly and permanently. This is such a Golden dream, which is almost impossible. On the Internet a lot of queries: how to lose weight fast 10 pounds in a week? I wonder how man himself is such a magical weight loss? It turns out that you need to lose weight almost 1.5 kg a day! What these people are going to lose weight? Now count: one gram of fat 9 kcal.

That is to lose 1.5 kg, you need to burn 13500 calories a day! You realize this huge number? I hope you know that to lose so much fat a day is simply impossible. It is physically impossible. No way. So I will not write here the utopian dreams of SUCH rapid weight loss. I think there are people who really succeeded on any mono-diet to lose weight in one week for 10 kg. But here the question arises: what are these people lost? In our body, but fat has more water and muscle (and bone). Since fat so quickly lose weight will not work when a strict diet in the first go… muscle (and water, which in these muscles there). Now reveal a secret that is too well known. Muscle — the main consumers of energy, i.e. calories. One kilogram of muscle burns about 30 calories a day. Fat almost energy does not burn. So, as soon as You lost muscle, then the calories become burn less automatically. Imagine the following scene. To diet Your weight was 70 kg. Of the weight of 25 kg were fat and 45 kg in the muscle (in this situation the person will be the first degree of obesity).

For diet people quickly lost 10 kg. It is getting on the scales and is happy with the result. But of these 10 kg — 5 kg muscle and 5 kg of fat. After a diet a person returns to their normal diet. 1200 kcal. The difference of 150 kcal per day. That is, these 150 calories are already burned, and deposited in fat sheds. And 150 kcal — 16 gr. Every day this man gets 16 gr. In a month he’ll be fine on 480 gr. a year later, will be harder to 5,760 lbs. And this is assuming that he is not eating himself, so to say minimal gain. A couple of years (but most likely even earlier), this man attains the reset 10 kg and want to go on a diet. And everything will repeat again, only after this diet muscles, it will be still less, respectively, to gain it will weight faster. And so with each new diet the weight comes back faster and faster. After several diets people can weigh the same 70 kg, but now muscle mass it will not be 45 kg and 30 kg. And body fat will be 40 kg.

And this is 4 the degree of obesity. I hope that You have read the previous information about diets. Because it is very important to understand what different experiments can result. There are lots of different diets that promise miraculous results. I advise you not to follow them blindly, but to turn your head. If necessary, ask questions in the comments on how to lose weight quickly, I will answer. The best way to lose weight is to follow a proper diet. A detailed article with a sample menu for a week and some delicious recipes already on the blog. Click on the pink link. But I must say that a proper diet will not work lose weight fast. Weight loss will be smooth, and around 0.5-1 kg per week. The speed of weight loss will depend on the original weight — the higher it is, the faster it goes. A good indicator — a minus of 10-15% of the initial mass for 3 months. That is, if you weight 100 pounds in 3 months you can lose 10-15 kg on nutrition and a weight of 60 kg 6-9 kg.

Also on the rate of weight loss is affected by age (the older a person is, the slower the metabolism the pounds go away slower), gender (men lose weight faster than women), physical activity (spending more calories faster lose weight). But there are times when you need to lose weight faster. And this can be done if you stick to the meal plans described below. The main thing when losing weight to preserve muscle and lose fat. And this can be achieved if you remove from the menu carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. All the calories were derived from carbohydrates should be spent. As I wrote, the main consumer of energy — muscle. Apart from them the energy you need the brain, heart. If You have not spent those calories that came from carbohydrates, this energy is deposited in reserve in the form of fat. And only a small part of the carbohydrates stored in the liver as glycogen. Glycogen is spent by the body when it is not enough calories for life in the first place. Second, the energy in the shortage stretches from the muscles (if the menu is not enough protein).

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