Intuition And Nutrition For Weight Loss

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we are All no longer little. And we understand that weight loss, weight-loss requires some special power, different from our everyday. It is desirable that it was less calories, less fat, less sweet. And “less” is not random, and certain. For example, once the conventional wisdom that for weight loss optimal calorie about 1400 – 1800 calories. And no longer needed, and less need not too hard and traumatic out mode. Fat too, they say, should be no more than 45-50 grams per day, sugar should have no more than 25-30 g of Protein, preferably to at least half were animal and vegetable fat. And they say that the distribution of calories should be 25% for Breakfast, 10 for lunch, 40 for dinner, 10 for lunch and 15 for dinner. I’m not talking about a few dozen vitamins, minerals and trace elements too, we need a strictly defined quantities. The question is, how all these conditions to implement for a successful weight loss? It turns out, Oh so easy.

it is Necessary to get tables of caloric, kitchen scales, yardsticks, to get the approximate daily ration for a full list of food and quantities of foods for each meal. But in this case the problems will not diminish. Because the conditions of our lives are constantly changing. Accordingly should change and the need for nutrients. But the problem is not even that. The main difficulties in meeting such “rational” modes of power in their low portability. We will always want not what we ordered. We will constantly be broken and is without measure. It turns out that we can, or eat “correctly” but not for long or wrong (even a lifetime), but…unfortunately, one of the frequent consequences of such food – overweight. In this order of reasoning, indeed, any outputs are not visible. However, before you weep let something doubt. For example, what is here is ordered, a hundred moves ahead counted meals, really leads to weight loss. Statistics is relentless – only in five percent of cases, a strict hypocaloric diet suits us leads to weight loss.

the vast majority of cases, weight loss either does not, or significantly less than expected. Plus this is still a fact: the likelihood of re-weight gain after this weight loss is close to one hundred percent. And on the other side our food (let’s call it spontaneous or intuitive), is not always leads to obesity. Surely each of us there are many friends and girlfriends, who for years support still weight, so to speak, automatically, not one day by eating a healthy diet and in what does not refusing. Moreover, intuitive nutrition can lead to weight loss. Any therapist will tell you that successful weight loss diet is not so necessary. As each of them watched dozens of cases of weight loss when the person gets rid of his neurosis, decreased self-esteem or depression. And often it is unexpected for the patient: “can you Imagine a doctor, of sorts, and eating as usual…”. Finally, just a textbook example: “I Want to lose weight – fall in love! “. A phrase known to many.

And not without reason. Indeed, against the background of love often we see weight loss, and again, without any diet efforts. What is important for weight loss? First of all, because the increase in weight and decrease depend not only on food. By weight, there is a whole range of factors. In addition to the food, it is a mental attitude, commitment, sense of fullness, muscle tone, perceptions about themselves, their attractiveness and their health, the degree of personal maturity, and a lot more. Moreover, the individual components of this complex interact with each other and altered in the process of this interaction. For example, lowered self-esteem provokes a constant struggle with themselves and the choice of hungry diets how to lose weight and to punish myself for completeness. Of course, the psycho-emotional state against the background of this diet is quickly becoming unbearable, you should breakdown, the increase in weight and even more decreased self-esteem. But let’s see how things will change if somehow we manage this self-esteem boost, to make it more adequate. There was going to be and gentle attitude and Wellness tactics and a judicious combination of diet with toning exercises and, as a result, successful weight loss on a background of soft, almost imperceptible diet… And even more significant strengthening of self-esteem. See how things turned out?

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