Non-Standard Brin And Weight Loss: Myths From The Coach, The Rules Of Diet And Training. Jaroslav Bryn

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Yaroslav Brin is a unique person, which has attracted to his side a lot of fans, he already has and followers. Weight loss became part of his life and his caustic, sharp and not always tactful remarks about the standard methods of weight correction have become a real set of rules for losing weight. Running is not the best exercise for losing weight. This is the cardio, and it burns quite a few calories. Half an hour of running active will allow you to get rid of only 300 Kcal (for example, in a glass of milk – 150 Calories). But strength training and calories are burned in large volumes, so for weight loss a great choice would be squats. It is known that strength exercises trigger the body’s growth processes muscle tissue, due to which fats are burnt. But the cardio will lead to the destruction of not only fat, but also muscle mass. If, immediately after Jogging something to eat (just coffee), then the process of fat burning will be immediately stopped. But after any weight training (for example, complex squats) not only possible but also need to eat something protein and the hunger is appeased, and the necessary processes to accelerate. To burn fat only in one part of the body is impossible.

Many are eager to put in order only the belly or the waist and hard, performing several tens or hundreds of times per day twisting, or simple crunches. In fact, this load will only work in combination with other exercises that will give the opportunity to get rid of existing fat in all problem areas. If hard to perform crunches, the result will be thick, solid and strong press. Plus the fat in the same amount or even more. For a slim waist you need to perform a lateral slopes, and preferably with the weights dumbbells. Now this is by no means impossible to do. Sports instructors know very well that this exercise only increases the size of the waist, makes it more powerful side stabilizers. Moreover, the side slopes would only serve to worsen the appearance of women, not only while executing in the normal morning exercises, but also the systematic training with the extra weight. These exercises can and should be replaced by rotations of the housing with a slight twisting from a standing position. You can perform them with weights and dumbbells.

Diet is starvation. But if to speak a simple language, in the absence of adequate nutrition, the body will first provide themselves with energy through glycogen from the muscles, then it absorbs the meat and only in the last turn uses the existing fat deposits. Fat contains significantly more calories, and this stock remains in the most extreme case, but by this time, and the metabolism will slow down critically, and nervous tension reaches its climax. And the result will be a gastronomic failure. The result of such weight loss will become a new fat reserves just in case I have to starve. Throw in a sluggish metabolism and low muscle mass, it can be understood that the figure will gain more form and has lost all contours. Tablets, capsules, drops and ointments gels will help to lose weight, because they are sold in pharmacies and advertised on television. But if you carefully study the composition of such funds, it becomes clear that they contain diuretics, laxatives and appetite-reducing substances. Manufacturers add to their products and different herbal extracts and components that are designed to prevent the absorption of glucose from food. What is the result?

the night man drinks a pill in the morning visit the toilet and sees the weights minus 2 kg. But he does not think that it is just hatched from the body of liquid and a portion of the fecal mass, but the fat remained intact. So in the film, the special pills that actually accelerate fat burning, exist, but they are appointed only by physicians who are taken in strictly defined doses and certainly not advertised and not sold in pharmacies without prescriptions. Physical load on the body with weights, strength training is much more effective for weight loss. No need to run, often enough to perform a set of squats. It is impossible to lose fat in any particular area of the body. In any case you will have to perform multi-directional exercises in the complex. The side slopes of the body is prohibited. Fasting is strictly prohibited, especially if the goal is to make figure slim and reduce body weight. Weight loss products are ineffective, even those sold in pharmacies with all certificates and licenses. We recommend you to read the article about diet Solovyov. From it you will learn about how lost journalist and broadcaster, his diet for the days of the week, recommendations on nutrition and exercise.

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