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Health and appearance depend on the supply. It has an impact on the proportions and body shape, and condition of your eyes, hair, skin, nails, teeth . Chief nutritionist in the family – because it is a menu in the house and prepares food. The figures for women are fond of diets stop eating bread, which is fraught with deficiency of vitamin b And fruits and vegetables – the main sources of vitamins C and R. If you decide to lose weight, it should be done gradually – 1-2 kg per month. In the diet restrict calories, but the vitamins required. In the diet should be vegetable fats, lean meats, milk . Vitamins quickly decompose – use fruits and vegetables quickly, preferably without heat treatment. Turns out, there are diet negative calorie. All kinds of cabbage, celery, asparagus, spinach, etc. About all this medical video (see below) and old American friend (see right :-). Be healthy and eat sensibly! Health with Elena Malysheva – About the dangers of saccharin, etc. a Proper healthy diet diet, food without suhomjatka! Vitamins: to Drink or not to drink? So useful “useful” food? Salt – the “white death”? Living water . . Sushi is dangerous to health? Officialdom from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Healthy eating (healthy diet, eng. Compliance with the rules of healthy eating combined with regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases and disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Watch carefully for calorie content of foods and body weight. Increase the proportion of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts in food. Limit the use of salt, simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey, soft drinks) – not more than 30-40 g per day, receiving energy from fats. Try to provide the body with vitamins in physiological amounts.

Almost all diets involve total rejection of fast carbs and fats and limiting the amount of servings. 1. Start the morning with a glass of water, dilute with 1 tablespoon honey and 5 drops of lemon juice. After 15 minutes you can drink tea. For lunch, eat lean meats (Turkey, chicken) with vegetables. Total weight of the products – no more than 400-500, dinner drinking fresh decoction of cabbage. Later allowed to take a glass of low-fat yogurt. With this diet you will lose weight 4 kg in 3 days. 2. Diet for 5 days. Morning – glass of min. For Breakfast – cocoa with honey. Lunch – 2 00 g fish (or chicken) with vegetables (300 g). Afternoon tea – lemon juice with honey (mixed with water). Dinner – vegetable broth. For a long time on strict diets will not last, but if you urgently need to eliminate excess weight (for example, before a trip to the Spa or out on the beach), the best way to go. A balanced diet helps to maintain a constant stable weight and control metabolic processes.

Healthy approach to eating involves some restrictions, but without them it is impossible to achieve a stable and pronounced results. Discard the sweet. Fast carbs – excess energy, which the organism of the majority of people turns to fat. To begin, remove the kitchen table with the sugar bowl, eliminate from the diet of candy, cookies, baking, chocolate and other foods with a high glycemic index. Reduce foods that contain simple carbohydrates (bread, pasta, refined rice). Replace them with products made from wholegrain flour, cereals of mineral grains. “Liquid calories” also exclude. These include the juice from the supermarkets, soda, tea with sugar,coffee and beer. Drink clean water and get calories from healthy salads with vegetables and seafood. Do fasting days. Once a week eat a minimum of calories and carry out the cleansing procedure. Eat only diet types protein – poultry, rabbit, fish, vegetable proteins. The best option is to consult with a nutritionist, and form together with them the detailed menu for the next few weeks. A salon is also good, although quite expensive way to quick weight loss.

There are dozens of methods of correction of weight offered by cosmetologists and specialists of medical institutions. You can try vacuum massage, mud-bath, a cedar barrel, hardware anti-cellulite massage, cavitation (exposure to ultrasound), the stimulation, balneotherapy (treatment with healing waters). In some beauty centers offer weight loss programs for women after childbirth or weight correction, in men. There are also specialized techniques for weight loss the face, abdomen, thighs. The advantage of salon treatments – a minimum of physical effort and pronounced the end result. Dream is a way of the body to rejuvenate, to normalize the metabolism and the internal organs. The better a person gets enough sleep, the higher is its efficiency and mood during the day. During sleep the breakdown of fat is faster. Modern scientific studies show that chronic lack of sleep is the most common cause of weight gain. About flour and sweet enough has been said. Just stop eating these foods for 2-4 weeks (to start), and you will be surprised with the result. Addictions are not only addiction to alcohol and Smoking. It is also a preference for passive recreation and active pursuits, dietary habits (excessive consumption of salt, marinades and spicy food).

Abandoning bad habits and you will improve the body and put in order thoughts and emotions. Dear women, I would like to share with you tips from my very good friend nutritionist on how to lose weight quickly. Although sometimes it seems not possible, but many girls have already reached their cnli his tenacity and desire to lose weight quickly. 1. Eat plenty of fluids. 3. Don’t count on fast diet, if you want to achieve consistent results. 4. Discard the sweet. 5. Increase the content of vegetables in the diet. 6. Replace the white bread on the grain. 7. Reduce the amounts of servings. If you every day to make the step to approach your goal, whether it be exercise, limit the intake of food, proper nutrition and much more is described in this article, then, of course, the amount of your body will decrease, and the mood is always upbeat! You probably noticed how the Internet is replete with many different diets, and an important point will be how properly you will be able to choose a diet for himself with the peculiarities of his body.

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