Strong Conspiracy To Lose Weight

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it’s No secret that losing weight is a rather difficult and energy consuming process which is not all under force. This list of unpleasant associations connected with weight loss can continue for a very long time. But there is an easier way – the plots of weight loss. Such conspiracies very much, some of them have the strongest negative effects, the so-called kickbacks, but we will consider the most effective and safe plot – plot of water. Very simple in carrying out the conspiracy, the effect is simply stunning, in a week lose weight by 5 kg. For the charmed water will need to go for the Holy water in the Church (need 200 grams – 1 Cup). Will also buy three candles (size and color doesn’t matter). To read water need in the evening, immediately after sunset. You can read only on the waning moon (if done during the waxing moon – get fat even more). Alone, to not hurt anybody. Set a candles and light them. Read it three times, right on the water, then drink it all, try to make it in one gulp. And then read another text: Not to know me, from the clean water.

My weight will go, the enemy will go. And calmly wait until the candles are blown out. In principle, this is all the process of weight loss will begin almost immediately and you will lose weight an average of 5 kg per week. Weight loss will occur as long as you will not acquire your normal weight. No bad consequences from this plot it tested on a large number of my friends and acquaintances. I lost weight due to this conspiracy. The effect is definitely, if you have done everything correctly, in accordance with my advice. Important – this plot can only do baptized. Just in case I will write three more conspiracy that you can do regardless of your religion. For this plot you need a ripe Apple of medium size. To recite to him the conspiracy need early in the morning, when the sun rises. Of excess fat quickly to get rid of. I will begin to lose weight with this dawn. Then you need to eat an Apple. Nothing more to do. Weight loss starts fairly quickly.

This plot should be carried out directly before going to bath. Thick bar of soap (soap is better to take simple, without any perfumes, optimal baby soap). I then each time to lose weight. Then quietly wash in the bath and when washing RUB themselves with soap (no washcloths) those places where you want to lose weight. Weight loss will continue until you will regularly go with this soap in the bath (every 2-3 days). When this soap will wash off (if you still do not lose weight until the desired weight), put another piece of soap. Although, as a rule, one piece of soap is usually enough to achieve a healthy weight. This is quite an interesting plot, however it requires daily repetition. Nagovarivaete a glass of green tea which should be drunk immediately after a meal. And then quietly drink tea. A day is advisable to drink at least three or four cups of tea. To recite the plot can be very quiet whisper, so that even those who are close to you will not hear and do not understand. Weight loss occurs quite quickly to lose 15 kg on average it takes about one month. Hello, wanted to ask You: the First conspiracy “water”, it once in a month you need to spend, or for all days while the moon is waning?

And another question, this plot can be on any day of the waning moon to say or better in the first? Listen, write who asks my name and then not even want to respond! Once the water is thick in the lunar cycle. In the next cycle, a conspiracy can be repeated. Do not care what day of the waning moon, this does not affect the result. Once a week, any day of the waning moon. Thus it is possible to lose weight every week by 5 lbs. to Begin with far..You know I was very lucky,my Godmother was the grandmother who helped people! She helped my mother,who wanted to amputate the leg(as a result of falling pregnant,me by the way).The story is long,the main thing that the conspiracies,prayers,and using her Golden hands my mother became disabled! For that, I thank my fairy Godmother! Really saved a lot of lives fragile, grandma! Her secrets she wanted to tell me but in my mind there was only the dancing but partying! Some things she gave me(to remove fear and rule the navel (natsuda)).In General,I mean,really believe in conspiracies,I really hope that your plots will help me to solve a weight problem! Bless,You,God,if you help people! Wanted to add,be sure to try your conspiracy!

will do,as you said,and I will lose WEIGHT! And you all the best! Galina, I understand that the plot is read only once, and it will be several months until the body accepts the desired weight? Despite what the conspiracy. First, for example, can be read once a week. You more accurately formulate the questions, please. Repeat three times. To do not more often than once a week. Well, and repeat every week until normal weight is not lead. And after the conspiracy of the green tea will be rolled back? Well, maybe some recoil, like an illness. But not a lethal recoil, that’s for sure, it’s okay worry. I’d love to read the reviews, though anyone who has tried to lose weight? And candles and water have to take in the Church? Just got home and Holy water and regular wax candles, they fit? Christina, candles and water have to be in Church! Hello. I was so upset with this work held a ritual on the water, so as not to interfere until the candle burns out.

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