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If you decide to lose weight, you first need to figure out how much you excess weight n and what should be your healthy weight . For a start, as a goal, you can put weight while more than normal. In the process of losing weight you can reduce. If your weight is at the upper limit of the normal range, when doing you can lose weight only mid-range. If your weight is in the middle of the normal range or even below it, but you feel some fullness, you first need to increase physical activity and to do the correct exercises to keep the body in shape, and not to try to lose weight. If your height 170 cm and weight 90 kg, set as the goal of perfect weight 55-60 kg is undesirable, it is better 72 kg, which corresponds to a maximum body mass index in normal weight. If the growth of 170 you weigh 75 kg, it is possible to start to identify the goal of 65 kg. the Next step is to figure out how you currently eat: how much energy do you receive a balanced amount of various nutrients, is there enough in your diet of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

If you have a body mass index is between 25 and 29.9, for weight loss you could find a daily diet at 1600-1700 calories, if the index is more – start with the diet at 1800-2000 kcal. Energy deficit (i.e. the amount of energy that you will receive) should be 500-600 calories a day (depends on core, i.e. the primary energy needs). Of these, 300-400 calories should be obtained through food, and 200 due to the increase in motor activity (about 60 minutes of active movement every day). Get during the day with food energy should not be lower than the basal, i.e. one which is required for the smooth operation of the major body systems – circulatory, respiratory, excretory, for the metabolism of tissues and maintain minimal muscle tone. There are also a variety of electronic scales that measure body composition and evaluate the need for essential nutrients. If you know how many pounds you want to lose, calculate the time that it really needed. Slower weight loss useful for the organism results its more stable. The rate of weight loss should be 0.5-1 kg per week 1 kg per month is really not too bad. Weight loss is recommended to be divided into stages. Each stage can last 10-12 weeks. If you chose the diet on 1600 calories, the expected weight loss will be 0.5-1.0 kg per week (depending on starting weight), i.e., for 10-12 weeks, you can lose about 5-10 lbs. after this time the weight loss often reaches a plateau and body weight no longer decreases. Now you have two options: to adjust received per day number of calories or to increase physical activity. It is recommended to choose the second option. It is not necessary to weigh yourself more than once a week. To do so, preferably in the morning, before Breakfast, because the body weight fluctuates. When the desired weight is reached, the most difficult is still ahead. Studies show that only 10% of people manage in a year to keep the achieved body weight. Thus, the new eating habits and physical activity should be an integral part of life.

to Recite on him the conspiracy need early in the morning, when the sun rises. Of excess fat quickly to get rid of. I will begin to lose weight with this dawn. Then you need to eat an Apple. Nothing more to do. Weight loss starts fairly quickly. This plot should be carried out directly before going to bath. Thick bar of soap (soap is better to take simple, without any perfumes, optimal baby soap). I then each time to lose weight. Then quietly wash in the bath and when washing RUB themselves with soap (no washcloths) those places where you want to lose weight. Weight loss will continue until you will regularly go with this soap in the bath (every 2-3 days). When this soap will wash off (if you still do not lose weight until the desired weight), put another piece of soap. Although, as a rule, one piece of soap is usually enough to achieve a healthy weight. This is quite an interesting plot, however it requires daily repetition. Nagovarivaete a glass of green tea which should be drunk immediately after a meal.

“drink Tea, tea is hot, leave the fat gremyachiy. And then quietly drink tea. A day is advisable to drink at least three or four cups of tea. To recite the plot can be very quiet whisper, so that even those who are close to you will not hear and do not understand. Weight loss occurs quite quickly to lose 15 kg on average it takes about one month. There is one fairly simple way to lose weight without much effort and restrictions. You need to wear some kind of jewelry or accessory rose quartz. Rose quartz has a positive effect on his owner and helps get rid of excess weight. This is a very useful stone! In my opinion most strongly rose quartz will work not even in jewelry, and beads. Rosary, they themselves are very energetically charged, and beads of rose quartz is a powerful tool not only to lose weight but also become more attractive to the opposite sex. The main thing — that the stone, which made this accessory was really natural and not artificially grown.

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