The First Symptoms Of Cancer

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How not to overlook a malignant tumor? What are the symptoms of cancer, require special attention? To understand what is manifest nonspecific symptoms of cancer – it is extremely important for timely diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Sudden weight loss, changes in skin color and even high fever – all these symptoms can speak about cancer. To in time to see a doctor, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic signs of the disease. In preparing this article we were assisted by experts of radiological diagnosis CT scan and MRI Centre of cancer Cyber clinic of Spizhenko . From the editors of Ecoportal : in 2009, Cyber Clinic Spizhenko conducted screening program for preventive diagnosis of the whole body on the subject of cancer, which is the most advanced method of early diagnostics to identify cancer even on those stages when there are no symptoms. Symptoms requiring special attention! The major or main symptoms of cancer do not occur in all cancers and may be common to other diseases. Irregularities in the urogenital system and disorders chair: chronic constipation or diarrhea, changes in the number of feces and its color.

All this may indicate colon cancer. For painful urination, blood in the urine, you need to immediately consult a doctor. Too frequent urge to urinate, without apparent reason, can be a symptom of cancer of the prostate. Long time passing wounds and ulcers . Tumors are often “masked” by the ulcers, but bleeding so much. Little sores in your mouth that will not go away – can also indicate cancer. Sores on the vagina or penis, also can indicate serious infection of the body. Allocation of pus or blood may occur, if the disease has developed very long ago. Expectoration of pus with the blood, with a high probability of running is a symptom of lung cancer, but if the blood detected in the stool of cancer of the colon. Allocation of blood from the nipple – a direct indication of breast cancer, and vaginal – cervical cancer. Small seals in various parts of the body that are palpable through the skin (testicles, Breasts) – are also frequently signs of cancer.

If detected these joints, you should immediately consult a doctor. Difficulties with swallowing, and problems with the gastrointestinal tract as heartburn, epigastric pain – these symptoms also indicate cancer of the stomach or intestines. The appearance of new moles or warts , change their colors and shapes are cause for concern. This is often a sign of melanoma is treatable in its initial stages. Hoarseness, severe cough . Long, persistent cough is a common symptom in lung cancer, if we lose our voice is perhaps a sign of thyroid cancer or throat. The sharp weight loss . Most people who have been diagnosed with cancer, lost weight during his illness. Unexplained weight loss of 5-7 kg reason for going to the doctor. It may be associated with cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. High temperature – a symptom of the cancer, especially if it affects whole organ systems. This fever suggests that cancer has a negative impact on the immune system and the body throws all his strength to fight the infection. However, we must remember that increased body temperature appears not at the initial stage of the cancer, so the temperature should be viewed as related to cancer only in the presence of other symptoms. The weakness increases gradually . Fatigue can develop in the beginning of the disease.

for Example, when lesions of the stomach or intestine, blood loss leading to discomfort within the body. Pain. Present at early stages of the disease, if the body is present tumors. Pain often tells of the defeat of the whole system. Changes in the epidermis. May manifest hyperpigmentation, jaundice, erythema, urticaria. When studying the statistics of cancer of the stomach it is difficult to identify the predominant symptoms, because of their large number. Unfortunately, the undue attention of the patient and the connivance of the attending physician, not careful examination leads to the fact that often the diagnosis “chronic gastritis” or some other, less serious diseases. Thereby misses the key aspect of a successful cancer treatment is time. The main symptom of breast cancer is a seal and a “retraction” of the nipple, accompanied by the seal of its structure and the appearance of discharge from the nipple. Very often, breast cancer occurs without pain and only with the appearance of mastitis, there is pain, the force of which increases daily. Squamous cell carcinoma develops very quickly, to identify doctors perform painless crossing of all nodules with a pink or yellow color. But there are forms of cancer that develop very slowly, and the person for years doesn’t know about them.

Further, several knots are bound together and form a dense and painful tumor, with a dark color. It is at this stage people go to the doctor. As in other cases, at the initial stage there are no symptoms of cancer. But the growth of the tumor appear painful, because the feces cannot pass freely, it triggers the secretion of blood and pus. When tumors in the bronchi, there is a dry and painful cough, and after a while added sputum with blood. Periodically appears pneumonia. Which are added other symptoms: pain in the chest and head, fever of 40 degrees, weakness and inability to concentrate. But the cancer in the lungs occurs without any symptoms. To identify it at the initial stage, having an x-ray. The main complaints of patients who were subsequently diagnosed with uterine cancer were reduced to presence of strange pains and regular bleeding that occurs even after a month. However, these symptoms occur when the cancer is in advanced stage and the tumor is slowly disintegrating. Unfortunately, to determine the onset of the disease is almost impossible – uterine cancer n nachalnykh stages does not manifest itself, so the woman does not appear reason to pursue a detailed examination. Among other symptoms of uterine cancer – Beli unpleasant watery or mucus, which is mixed with the blood. Whites often have a very unpleasant odor, but not necessarily. Their presence may indicate the development of serious disease, so you should note a simple algorithm: “a strange selection – urgently to the doctor,” because early detection of any cancer greatly increases the chances of a cure. And best of all – pay attention to any changes in the usual “behavior” of your body and do not hesitate to see a doctor.

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