The Truth About Diets Or Weight Loss For Dummies

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so, Health is a balance of physical and mental condition of the person. And I don’t think the phrase will cause you to have any objections. If you read the website from the very beginning that probably already realized that there are no miracle cures and miracle pills for weight loss. All weight loss associated primarily with a decrease caloric intake and increase physical activity. All. This is physics, it is the law of conservation of energy. But agree that the way to health and weight loss cannot lie through negative emotions. Accordingly, one of the main tasks I would say a priority is getting rid of negative emotions and the ability to manage your mental state, change of diet and exercise has really brought the joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Our body is a unified whole. Our subconscious mind is connected with the body, and the body with the subconscious. Tight, Oh so tight. Yes, we still have “brains”, but the subconscious of the body has been, well, or, on the contrary, the body of subconscious.

Therefore, the main task is to convince our subconscious mind that it, as well as we wanted to bring the body back in order and wanted to change it. The fact is that our subconscious mind is like a tumbler – remember in the childhood this toy was? It swings, it is rejected and immediately tends to return to its original position. That’s about the same arranged and our subconscious mind is any deviation in one direction or another, any changes to either positive or negative, no matter will cause our subconscious anxiety and fear. They have the most lazy and conservative and believes that it is better to live as is, without changing anything. And all because our subconscious mind is nothing but the instinct of self-preservation. And what is the main problem of the instinct of self-preservation? The instinct of self-preservation, as every decent instinct, millet is obliged to preserve the integrity and security entrusted to him by the body. But any change in life is a threat, a threat to survival. How does the subconscious know that this change brings? What’s ahead – the unknown? It turns out that our subconscious mind is the bodyguard, and the object of his protection of our body. Well, judge for yourself, of course the bodyguard is much calmer when his “object” sitting in one place and preferably in a tightly closed room. Of course he will make every effort that it would “object” as little as possible left the house for all sorts of business meetings and banquets. In the same thing happens with our body.

And then reopened the website and remembered that I had 3 times to read, and I only one. Julia, clearly in vain, no options. 3 times, no more and no less. Thank you very much. Another question. If you combine conspiracies with Apple, green tea, and soap will be the effect stronger? Sorry for the many questions. But it’s important to me. If the plot with water and hold candles in the room where the sleeping eight-month-old child, could it affect it? I don’t understand what it means to combine? The child – no, not with him in the same room to do so! Thanks for the reply. To combine I mean to make all these plots in one day. When the candles are burning need to be near them until you burn out to the end or nematatlin? It is impossible to make different plots at the same time! And while one plot is valid, the other is also impossible to do! Be present need, and besides, we still have these candles look and think how quickly and well you do will change you from excess weight to get rid of!

Definitely need to believe in a good result! I wanted to ask and instead of a bath you can use just the shower or the bath? Hello.And conspiracy need to whisper directly into the subject? And how quickly Momo with these plots it is possible to lose weight? Hello. I want to try the plot on the soap. But Banya no. You can use shower or bath. And one more question, you can use just two of the conspiracy, during the day to drink green tea in the evening plot on the soap? Hello. And at sunrise? This is changing? Lose weight from the moment I read the first conspiracy, or the next day? There is no effect even at 200 grams recovered. Irina please Tell me if you do plot on green tea,then it should be done on the waning moon,or is there no difference? Galina since August, no one is responsible. So questions such that you do not know what to say. Olga D: missed your question. Better decreasing, although the result would, in any case. Tell me, after the plot on Holy water, with candles , nothing bad will happen? And what to do with cinder ? Thank you. Tell Galina, and what can be rolled back if I will do a plot on the moon? Can be such a rollback that sick children or a husband will go away?

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