Weight Loss In The Critical Days

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In pursuit of a beautiful girl’s body is often forget about the physiological needs of your own body and dedication are tested for all sorts of diets and fasting days. Answering, how to lose weight during menstruation, nutritionists speak very categorically about these experiments with weight reduction in the specified phase of the cycle of menstruation and claim that this approach is very harmful to women’s health. Find out about safe ways of getting rid of extra pounds in this period. The female body is designed so that all processes in it occur under the influence of the constantly changing hormonal levels. Because the weight and the menstrual cycle are directly connected. The fact that adipose tissue in women is accumulated and distributed under the direction dominant in one period or another hormones. So, the first (follicular) phase of the cycle is marked by an excess of estrogens, which are “supposed” to put aside all the extra “in reserve”. In the future the alignment of forces is changing in favor of progesterone, which further contributes to weight gain. During menstruation the female body loses necessary substances, therefore, in order to compensate for the lost macro – and micronutrients, there is a noticeable increase in the need for food. It is worth noting that the appetite during menstruation is growing, not all of the fairer sex. However, the majority of women instead of weight, on the contrary, gaining weight because of cravings for sweets.

a Situation in which this need of the body is ignored, can adversely affect psychological well-being are already prone to mood swings ladies. Moderate swelling of the body to the onset of the critical days is quite normal. Water retention before menstruation occurs because of the predominance in the body progesterone. Due to the excessive presence of fluid in women often begin to swell limbs. Answering, how to lose weight during menstruation, experts on this issue are offered during the week before menstruation to include in the diet foods rich in fiber. To eat balanced and not to get carried away monadenium. The beginning of the menstrual cycle is under the influence of estrogen, the maximum concentration which occurs in the ovulatory phase. Under the influence of these hormones there is an active accumulation of the adipose tissue, consequently lose weight in the specified period is not easy. After ovulation, the change to this predominant estrogen, follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones comes progesterone, contributing to further weight gain. Therefore, the conclusion regarding whether lose weight during menstruation, is obvious. Over time, the activities of progesterone gradually calms down, that is the signal that soon it will be possible to lose weight. Hormones before menstruation reaches its minimum concentration. Meanwhile, even before the completion of the purification stages in the active include estrogens, stimulating the accumulation of fat.

Therefore, asked whether it is possible to lose weight during menstruation, experts say a categorical “no”. However, this does not mean that during the critical days we need to forget about diets and absorb a lot of calories. The metabolism changes throughout the menstrual cycle. The metabolism during menstruation slowing, a few prevents to lose weight, but in General is good for the weakened body. After completion of the purification stages, the rate of metabolism is returned to the previous level. To avoid problems with digestion during menstruation it is better to eat easily digestible food. To approach the issue of weight loss during the critical days takes the whole responsibility. In connection with the loss of blood because of menstruation, a woman loses constantly, so the body needs iron. The lack of this element entails the development of anemia (decrease in hemoglobin) with all the attendant disease symptoms: weakness, malaise, drowsiness. Therefore, weight loss and menstrual cycle should be agreed. Plus, on the background of the predominance of progesterone before menstruation many women suffer from excessive gas formation and constipation that also requires correction from the supply side. In addition, in order to lose weight, you need to think about exercise. Experts do not recommend intensive classes at the gym, but at this point, that walking or Jogging will go a woman only good.

Some experts strongly recommend to abandon the idea of weight reduction on critical days. This position is largely dictated by fears for the health of particularly demanding on self-figure women. While nutritionists say that the right to lose weight during menstruation is not forbidden. In fact, during the critical days prohibited only overly carried away with diets, exercise equipment. Otherwise no contra-indications are not visible. Complete refusal of food with the aim to lose weight fast during your period is extremely harmful to women’s health. Against the background of bleeding this method of weight loss may lead to deterioration. For this reason, fasting during the month, to effectively lose weight, can not hold. So, the rejection of a coarse fibre will help to ensure that the limbs will be even more swell. Lack of calcium will cause increased pain in the abdomen and magnesium pressure surges. The nature of power seriously affect the weight loss process in the period of menstruation. It is important to understand that losing weight when menstruation is somewhat different from the usual restrictive measures the goal.

So, eating in this difficult period for women aimed at maintaining the body’s vitality and replenish lost minerals, proteins and vitamins. Consequently, the diet during pregnancy for weight loss needs to be based on vitamin a diet reduced in calories, which helps if not to lose weight, to maintain the former weight. To do sports during menstruation very helpful. However, there are some limitations. So, women are not advised to do exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Safe ways to lose weight are doing on the treadmill, ellipse or stationary bike. Useful during menstruation is also considered Pilates. Special attention is given yoga. So, when menstruation twisting of the spine are extremely undesirable. In addition, to maintain the water-salt balance in the body we must not forget about the excessive drinking. In striving for harmony it is better to give up sweets. If you clearly understand that you start to get fat and can’t lose weight, don’t worry and drink “handfuls” anti-anxiety pill. 1. Take a horizontal position. Foot position perpendicular to the wall. Fix the posture. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times. 2. Lie on your back and press on one leg, hands to the stomach.

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