What Not To Do With Weight Loss?

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mark TWAIN once said “quitting Smoking is easy. I threw a hundred times”. If Mr. TWAIN ever tried to lose weight, he could say the same thing. Attempts to lose weight often reminiscent of a bad infinity: we get rid of a couple pounds, after which they immediately returned again. Why is this happening, and what common mistakes we make when once again firmly decided to become leaner? Make it a rule that everything you eat should be on the plate. So you’ll see what and in what quantities to eat. Do not eat food sitting at the TV and computer is the real enemy. They fully seize your attention and you stopped to realize that constantly chew. They are constantly heated by the commercials in the spirit of “I lost 10 pounds in three days.” So, not having an equally shocking results, most of us give up. Why suffer, if the effect is still there? Forget about it. Real weight loss – slow weight loss. The faster you lose weight, the sooner everything will return to normal. All Express diets are designed for short-term and designed to get rid of the ballast to the day, after which the weight quickly comes back.

Follow the amount of calories and calculate them according to your individual settings. Now in the Internet there are many programs and calculators, and for smartphones, developed many applications with which to monitor the amount of calories is quite easy. Do not rely too much on the numbers that show you the scale. Our weight fluctuates throughout the day and depends on different factors. Focus on the mirror and how clothes fit is much more reliable indicators. Weight loss or slimming is not just a fashionable trend that is followed to achieve the perfect figure. Bring the form to the right and it is necessary for health reasons. The catch is that many are switching to diet incorrectly and make mistakes when losing weight , regardless of whether they lose weight under the supervision of a nutritionist, trainer or at home. The result is disappointing: there is no expected effect, there comes disappointment, depression, and even worsen health problems. What misconceptions are preventing us to lose weight? Disclose all the secrets and we invite you to read the five most common mistakes when losing weight, because of which we can not achieve the desired goal. Often people want to lose weight, do not set specific goals or plan of action.

They are looking for “best diet” (and preferably “miracle”), buy supplements, medicines and remedies for weight loss of unknown origin. Some of these drugs, incidentally, may incur the danger of death. Thus, the problem boils down to this — we wish to quickly lose those extra pounds without changing lifestyle and attitudes to nutrition in General. Agree, the wording “switching to diet” already implies some abnormal, unnatural condition, which causes psychological effects such as emotional stress, remorse and social exclusion. “I’m not going with friends for dinner.” Because there will have something to eat. Or: “I’ll go with them, but I’ll starve before doing this the whole day, so you do not feel guilty”. The stress begins. Stress stimulates the secretion of cortisol, which in turn slows down weight reduction. Excess cortisol deregulated hormonal balance, increasing the desire to snack and cravings for sweets. Think carefully: what you want to achieve and how you are going to go to this (albeit not as fast)? Because no action plan is 90% probability that the result will be unsatisfactory. A change of lifestyle and nutrition should not be a temporary basis — this basis and will provide only short-term effect. Not always difficulty losing weight boils down to poor diet.

There are pathologies such as hypothyroidism, immunological diseases, insulin resistance or resistance to leptin that should be excluded before starting weight loss. Enough to do basic blood tests and to take samples for hormone levels. A sharp reduction in food intake, refusal of carbohydrates and fats — the same mistake. A large calorie deficit worsens hormonal balance and inhibits the metabolism. This is particularly noticeable in people who lose weight often (e.g., seasonal). Repeated cycles of excessive deficit of calories lead to inhibition of (i.e., And the subsequent diets are becoming less and less effective. The body takes on the “energy debt” caused by the famine, and trying to fill it at every opportunity, keeping the fatty tissue in the event new critical energy shortage. It is called effect yo-yo : we’re losing weight, but after the diet they come back twice. What and in what quantities we consume is of great importance for the functioning of the body and maintain a healthy weight. Effective and painless for body slimming is based on a balanced diet. In other words, the body must receive all the essential nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Eliminating the sources of any of the above components is a big mistake.

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