What Should Check First?

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In 2011 extravascular thyreoidectomy. Diagnosis: multinodular goiter of the III degree . Also removed the parathyroid glands. Takes eutirox 88 mcg. Since 2009, suffers from diabetes type 2, taking glucophage XR 1500 mg one kidney, removed the second in 1991. There are also diseases: ischemic heart disease, gastritis, XP. What is troubling today: weight loss, loss of muscle mass. In 2011, weight was 82 kg, in recent years, he ranged from 78 to 82 kg At the beginning of April weight -77 kg, visually noticeable that fell off the hands and neck. No longer weighed, but maybe lost weight. Mom links weight loss with stress the last 5 months, she’s not sleeping well, waking up at 4 am, crying, nervous (there are a number of family problems), says that eating less, but it scares us. Because the causes can be others. Personal initiative is made of oak, TSH, blood glucose fasting (analysis attached). In December of last year I checked the level of blood creatinine-92 µmol/l, GFR checked (was a little low, but definitely more than 40). Gynecologist and chest x-rays passed exactly 2 years ago. Doctors do not want to go, motivated by the fact that studies for her a lot of stress (considering the several operations, several serious false diagnoses in the past, etc.) and it will not survive. After receiving the analysis with high white blood cells, the mother went to a dentist, treatment teeth: two teeth treated in one tooth there was a lot of pus, two necessary before the prosthesis to remove. I understand that you need to visit full-time doctor, but allow me first to ask you. Does weight loss be associated with major diseases? Whether long-term chronic stress to be the reason for weight loss ( I know my mom lost weight because of nerves)? Or is age, because all her relatives with age to lose weight? Can glucophage or lack the teeth to influence the situation? What should check first?

After the buckwheat is the most suitable product for fat burning. It provides satiety and cleanses the body, removing of wastes. For this cook buckwheat porridge on the water and eat it 3-4 times a day in small portions. As one additional product using cottage cheese with zero fat. Mandatory rule is the porridge not to add salt pepper and add the spices. The second variant of the diet is steaming buckwheat overnight. In the morning pour it in yogurt and eat. This dish is consumed during the day. Butter, sugar, salt and spices could be added. Bread is strictly forbidden to eat. Can throughout the day to drink milk, but not more than 1.5 liters per day. Thanks to this effective diet is only a week to lose five or more pounds. And if the first two days of the diet were normal, you can continue 10 days and then repeat in a month. You can’t add to this diet, additional foods and drinks, alcohol is prohibited. Any physical activity have a positive effect in excess kilograms.

Therefore, understand one important rule – you need every morning to run. Of course, in the beginning it will be very difficult, there will be excuses: bad weather, a headache, no time, bad mood – all this must be out of my head. It is possible to lose 5 kg without dieting and other tortures. Having overcome in itself lazy and run every morning. Just three weeks your body will get used and you’ll easily run for a few miles, and your pounds will melt at the sight. In an alternative method suitable classes at the gym that are matched to the person individually. Despite the fact that fitness shows excellent results in the fight against obesity, it has certain contraindications. If you have health problems, you should be cautious to treat physical stress. But in this case it is possible to find a solution to the problem, because when any disease, the doctor may authorize the special complexes of physical education that will help lose weight and improve health. How to lose weight in a week 5 pounds and remove belly fat? Regardless of what is used – exercise or protein diet, people must be positive, as is half of his success.

All of our results lie in the head, since they depend on the thoughts, mood, and motivation. Therefore, if a person is serious to lose weight, meat, cakes and sugary drinks will not be able to stop him on the way to their goal. You need to create needs a mental form that is the image of your future ideal figure. And in the most difficult moment, when you are on the verge of collapse, imagine in your mind yourself slim, beautiful, chic outfit. After this motivation, the desire to eat a piece of meat, bacon, or chops immediately disappear. Believe in yourself and the body you will not fail. First how to start a weight-loss – review diet. Eliminate from the diet all fried foods, fast food, desserts, cakes, lard and fatty meats. Give preference to low-fat boiled meat, vegetables and fruit. Make Breakfast berry jelly and fruit smoothies. In your menu for each day must be present berries, fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. In order not to forget anything and not to throw your body hang on the refrigerator a list of foods on glycemic index.

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