What The Drug, Diet Helped You Lose Weight?

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losing Weight is one of the main concerns of modern society! Overfeeding in childhood, hereditary, the fullness during pregnancy-a cause for obesity. Improper nutrition during pregnancy can affect the fullness after childbirth. During menopause the intensity of metabolic processes is reduced with excess food person gains weight. Obesity should be considered a disease, excessive fullness adverse effect on the heart and blood vessels. Currently used different diets, with the effect of sharp weight loss. To lose weight dramatically impossible. While fast weight loss is a change of appearance in a negative way – the appearance of wrinkles, circles under the eyes. In our days, in Vogue starvation. Method no denying it, but it needs to be carried out under the supervision of a physician. Through researches on increasing the process of protein breakdown in the body when fasting. And other serious violations: a decrease in the content of good cholesterol in the blood, lowering blood sugar levels; increases in lactic and uric acid. The literature describes cases of deaths from treating hunger as a result of arrhythmias, and lactic acidosis. It tells about the dangers of self-starvation. The best weight loss method is a systematic restriction of food.

keep a trace, to avoid excess calorie intake and the food that enters the body, equal to its energy consumption. Follow the Golden rule of cooking – tasty, malokalorina and useful. Full and high quality food are achieved using a wide variety of products. Only the correct dosage of their number and to order food. A great way of dealing with the fullness and weight loss smaller meals: 6 times a day (it reduces appetite), while respecting the regularity and time. Well before going to bed eat an Apple or to drink kefir. Food should be low calorie. To exclude from the menu of dishes rich in carbohydrates: flour products, confectionary; sweets, jam, cereals. And also reduce the consumption of potatoes, sugar, bread. Without any restrictions recommended consumption of vegetables: fresh tomatoes, cucumber, radish, zucchini, pumpkin, fresh white and cauliflower, sour fruits and berries. In raw vegetables and fruits contained tartronovaya acid creates an obstacle in the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. With obesity are boiled meat and fish. To achieve positive results, the desired solid consistency and dedication. Accumulated years of fat deposits that were difficult to eliminate in a short time, so losing weight requires patience Only an increase of energy will give the full effect in the fight against obesity. The main requirement for losing weight – eat less and move more.

you Must take it a rule: every morning to exercise, set of exercises for the muscles of the hips and abdomen. All of this will pay off with health and mobility. During exercise increases gas exchange, increase the oxidative processes in the body, improves the secretory function of various organs and more vigorous stand out products of metabolism. Very effective for health: gymnastics, walking, Hiking, swimming, skating, Bicycle. A beneficial effect on hardening of the body has the use of solar and air baths, rubdown, shower. Useful and massages, steam bath, sauna. Being exposed to high temperature and accelerate the metabolism – the body consumes energy, so as not to overheat. In this case, is effectively a weekly visit to a sauna or bath where the weight loss is achieved by sweating and accelerated metabolism. We all remember the saying “Breakfast all you can eat”. This is an important part of losing weight! When you start the day healthy and nutritious Breakfast – there is an acceleration of the metabolism by approximately 10%. If you ignore it, your metabolism will be in “slumber” until you eat a heavy lunch, which on the contrary will add weight twice. Oats: the ability to quickly satisfy hunger.

nutritional fiber lowers and stabilizes the cholesterol level in the blood. Eggs are source of protein, low-calorie product. The body uses protein obtained in the construction of muscle tissue and the production of “beneficial cholesterol”. Apples: contain pectin, promotes the breakdown and removal from the body’s fat cells. Chili, mustard is by eating maintain metabolic processes in one and a half times more than usual in the space of three hours. They contain capsaicin that has the property to stimulate the growth and renewal of cells, causes the release of adrenaline and quickens the heartbeat and short-term increases body temperature and as a result, there was a process of active breakdown of fat cells. But it is impossible them to get involved in everything in moderation. Food, including acute, should be good for the body — then it can work. Ginger: regular use of the body more active energy. Tea with ginger improves digestion. Garlic: it contained allicin, has antibacterial properties and can reduce harmful cholesterol and fatty cell into the tissues. Honey: is the best way to burn fat. Recommended daily every morning, add it to water and drink the resulting beverage. Green tea: antioxidants in its composition, to help stabilize the metabolism and getting rid of excess fat.

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