Who’s Got The Neurosis?

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I want to tell You that Your method is the treatment slimming Semenov pupils like patients is a blunder. In utter obsequiousness nobody dares to pull of the prophet’s beard Semenov slimming to ask You what You might ask the patient with a tendency to analyze the analyst instead of himself. Who’s got the neurosis? “”What on God I to complain, When at least one creature I could have the freedom to give!” weight loss Semenov delightfully told in Russian and German young Sabina to his psychoanalyst. I will continue publicly to be by Your side keeping its own views. In January th according to Freud slimming Semenov: “my personal relationship with Your German character is definitely broken. In may he writes again almost the same: “sorry to hear that You are still absorbed with his passion for Yu. I imagine that You are so deeply in love with Dr. Y. I’m glad that now I am as little responsible for his Semenov slimming success, as well as for scientific achievements”. With this is to compare the position of Jung, presented in one of his last letters to Sabina: “Love C. the breakup of Freud and Jung slimming Semenov, the role of different reasons — intellectual, social, national, personal. To a certain extent, Sabina became the mediator, which continued to bind them; a witness who saw weight loss Semenov remembered the mistakes of others, and judge, from each of which required the confirmation soobstvenno innocence; and attractive slimming Semenov, feelings which were still valuable to both. In the anti-Semitic time, the Lord does not accidentally gave him to be born from the noble Jewish race. I could barely stand when You continued to admire my old slimming Semenov and former dream and expect to find an ally in the beautiful little stranger.

exercise helps to burn fat, that is while respecting diet and physical activity the extra pounds disappear much faster, there is no stopping in reducing weight, which is not uncommon in people losing weight just by changing diet. Possible to do a comprehensive exercise to all parts of the body. But if it’s hard, then, as we have mentioned above, you can choose any other type of load. The same brisk walking helps in burning calories. Start with 15 minutes a day and gradually increase to an hour. No, it’s not the enema and not dietary Supplements. Enemas do not help reducing weight, getting rid of fatty tissue. Contribute only to the output of fluid and stool from the intestines. And the artificial “cleansing” the body with a healthy excretory system is not required, contrary to the stories of “traditional healers”. Dietary supplements for weight loss are the usual laxatives. Laxatives, which are also unfounded with regular use can lead to dehydration. The only two drugs that can be prescribed to people with obesity, are orlistat (xenical) and sibutramine (meridia).

the Second drug is now banned in Europe, as data were obtained to increase the number of cardiovascular diseases caused by ingestion. However, the Russian studies have not confirmed this. Because meridia has successfully be administered to people suffering from excess weight. The drug xenical prevents the absorption of fat in the intestines, which in many patients, there is a side effect – liquid oily stools. But that will not endure for the sake of beauty and health! Be aware that xenical only works on fat. As for the easily digestible carbohydrates, they must in any case be abandoned. Medical ways to lose weight at home are some of the most effective. But in any case do not start taking medication without consulting a doctor. Do not forget that these drugs, besides the side effects, there are also many contraindications. In some cases not to do without major surgery to reduce stomach volume. Such a need arises in people with severe degree of obesity, when BMI is above 40. Surgery helps people in a relatively short period of time to get rid of the most part of excess weight than significantly improving the quality of life. Diet in severe stages of obesity are often useless.

in addition to surgery may require the help of a therapist. But these methods of weight loss reviews are from women of different ages. With the growth of 175 sm, my weight was 80 kilograms. I tried the diet, according to the recommendations of Elena Malysheva. Eat 5 times a day, stopped eating sugar, biscuits, animal fats. And just a month off 8 pounds. And this is all despite the fact that physical activity I did not increased and was not hungry. 2 months ago my height was 163 cm and weight is 78 pounds. Diet tried various. But significant weight loss from any of them was not observed. Usually in the first days the weight started to decline significantly, and then rose at one point. When you return to the usual dietary intake of all the lost weight back. But I eat relatively normally for a bit. The doctor wanted to prescribe meridia, but I was afraid of side effects and joined the gym. Surprised even my doctor. It took 2 months, tried different ways to lose weight, and I weigh 65 kg. After birth in 34 years I couldn’t lose weight. The extra 20 pounds left and really weighed heavily on me as I was always quite slim woman. You have shortness of breath, sweating. Tried various fashionable diets, including from our celebrities, unconventional ways to lose weight at home (for Malakhov), but the result was not only state of health has deteriorated. Regular physical exercise could not perform due to back pain and in the liver. Passed the tests at the endocrinologist. They are all in the normal range. The doctor prescribed drug xenical. But with him gone the weight loss harder. For 1.5 months I lost about 10 pounds. But diet is still a certain have to comply with. I gave up my beloved chocolate, from bread, do not eat beans, peas, pasta and potatoes. But the result on the face! Select the appropriate method of weight loss together with your doctor and make your life easier and more enjoyable!

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