Why Do I Lose Weight Rapidly?

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Usually, weight loss is a desirable process in the presence of overweight. Often loss pounds occur when the increase in physical activity or diet. However, after eliminating these causes, the weight quickly comes back to normal. Therefore, sudden weight loss, the cause of which is unknown, is cause for serious concern. In this case, you must seek the assistance of professionals. Rapid weight loss is called exhaustion or cachexia. Most often, weight loss occurs as a result of a defective or insufficient power supply, disturbances of digestion, in case of accelerated decay in the body proteins, fats and carbohydrates or increased energy consumption. In addition, fast weight loss with a good appetite and abundant food is often a cause of the disease. Digestive disorders. Occurs in atrophic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, hepatitis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, enteritis, colitis. The metabolic disorder. In this case, the body is the predominance of processes of destruction (catabolism) over the processes of synthesis. Causes are severe trauma, burns, malignant tumors, problems with the thyroid gland, connective tissue disease. The most common reason for slimming is the stress associated with emotional experiences.

Psychological trauma can cause severe weight loss, although in General the body can be healthy. Usually in this case, after some time, the weight comes back to normal. Also the loss of pounds occurs in the presence of mental disorders, lack of appetite. A frequent reason for sudden weight loss, especially in children, worm infestation. In this case, a loss of appetite, diarrhoea or constipation, signs of intoxication, General fatigue. Usually, this disease causes poor personal hygiene, eating poorly washed vegetables and fruits. Causes of weight loss in many cases are in addition to parasitic diseases, acute and chronic infection – intestinal infection, tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV infection. Penetrating into the human body, the pathogen produces toxins, which damage the cell structure. The result is reduced immunity, impaired functioning of various systems and organs. There are other causes of weight loss. There are many reasons for weight loss in women. If in the short term there is a loss of five percent or more of body weight – I need to see a specialist. Sudden weight loss is almost always accompanied by disturbances in the nervous and cardiovascular system, observed water-salt imbalance in the body and disruptions in thermoregulation. Sometimes a sharp weight loss occurs in case of energy deficit. The reason for its appearance is the pills for weight loss or long-term diet compliance.

Poorly balanced diet causes a failure in the body. Also causes weight loss in women may become irregular diet. That is, the body lacks in vital nutrients, so using its own reserves. It should be remembered that any low-calorie diet is only useful for a short period of time. If you constantly observe it, the body runs out of energy reserves of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In the end, can develop diseases of the digestive system. In particular, gastritis and pancreatitis are frequent companions of those who like different diets. When the gastric juice is secreted, and the food supplied in insufficient quantity, the enzymes secreted by the pancreas, involved in the process of digestion. At the same toxins that damage the kidneys, liver, lungs, brain and other organs. Therefore, in the fasting days is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, avoiding acidic beverages, coffee and strong tea. It is worth noting that gastrointestinal diseases are often the causes of weight loss for both women and men. This can be a violation of patency of the alimentary canal, various inflammatory processes, disturbance absorbability in the stomach and small intestines.

In acute or chronic inflammation observed violations of metabolism (catabolism), increases the body’s need for energy. And nausea, vomiting and diarrhea lead to loss of proteins, electrolytes and trace elements. Diabetes causes significant loss of body weight even with increased appetite. This disease is the violation of all types of metabolism, primarily of carbohydrate metabolism. Symptoms – thirst, frequent urination, dry skin, and progressive weight loss, abdominal pain. Also causes weight loss in women often the imbalance of female hormones (although in this case most often occurs set of extra pounds), postpartum depression, breastfeeding. Quite often the reasons for weight loss in men as well as women can be hormonal disturbances, thyroid function. If you have problems with the endocrine system (graves ‘ disease, dysfunction of the adrenal glands) there is a sharp acceleration of metabolism. The release of hormones in these diseases increases the speed of metabolism. Calories from food are burned faster. That is, when entering the body the same nutrients, increasing their use by the body. This leads to a negative balance and, as consequence, to sharp weight loss. Other causes of sudden weight loss in men and women cancer. Almost always in the presence of malignant tumors of the liver, pancreas and intestines occurs fast weight loss. Malignant neoplasms cause a violation of the biochemical processes that lead to depletion of domestic resources. There is a General weakness of the body, decreased performance, lack of appetite. Many cancer patients it cancer cachexia is a cause of death. Causes of sudden weight loss in men can also be a disease of the blood-forming organs, radiation injury, neurological disease, degradation (decay) of its own tissues. It is sometimes difficult to identify the specific cause rapid weight loss, especially in the absence of additional symptoms. Therefore, if you have progressive weight loss is necessary to consult a specialist in order to determine the cause and begin treatment.

In fact, the most effective prayers for weight loss are considered conspiracies of a fortune-teller from the show, and the famous prophetess Vanga. These rituals for weight loss, can get rid of extra pounds quickly and effectively. Read the prayer, told by the great Vanga, at bedtime for nine days. Before you start reading, you should prepare a glass of clean water, which is put by the window. Before you start to say the magic text, you should take a glass in hand and to peer at the outline of the moon. After reading prayers, slowly drink water and go to sleep. Already on the ninth day the effect of this conspiracy can be seen in the mirror. In one of the famous TV series called “the fortune Teller”, you can also find a strong and effective plot on the weight loss. Its effectiveness can be confirmed in a week. The main conditions of its execution, is faith and the waning moon outside the window. 1. Nobody should interfere in prayer. 2. In using the magic words are to be believed. Besides water for weight loss to remove fat, magicians often use enchanted red thread, which forces the reader to actively lose weight. The ritual should prepare cut two equal strands of red and blue. The first step is to tie it with three knots of red thread, it should be placed on the middle finger of the right hand.

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